Customer Relationship Management System (SGDATACRM)

SGDATACRM - not only a CRM system to manage your customer, but also full with lots of useful features so that you can do everything under one system. For example, managing your staff, generate payslips, view your POS transactions and sales report, generate invoice & purchase orders, setup Point-of-Sales system for multiple outlets, inventory control, etc.

SGDATACRM also allows custom features to be built in to suit business needs for each customer. For example, SGDATACRM is integratable with shopping cart, content management system, accounting system, etc.

SGDATACRM allows you to better keep track of your customer spending record, rewards them for their royalty, and better communication with build in mailing & SMS system.

SGDATACRM is suitable for all local SME business. For more information about our Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), please drop us a message here to arrange for demo or quotation.